Entry #16

Please check out my Soundcloud and Youtube!

2012-11-20 21:30:51 by alextheDJ

Hey beautiful people! I have these lovely pages that are feeling a bit lonely right now. Please, could you give 'em some love? Thanks!

Here's my Soundcloud page!

Here's my Youtube page!


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2014-01-22 18:24:30

I can't believe how little fans you have, this is ridiculous, your stuff is amazing

alextheDJ responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate that. idk. I guess I haven't done a whole lot to market myself. I'm not that great on that front. I've received a decent amount of views overall, but it's a lot harder to get people to subscribe/follow me. I'm thinking it might have something to do with me not making/posting full songs that frequently. Not a whole lot I can do about that, though, for various reasons, but I'm trying.
Anyway, I listened to a few of your tracks and you're quite good yourself, man.