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Hey beautiful people! I have these lovely pages that are feeling a bit lonely right now. Please, could you give 'em some love? Thanks!

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ReMotion Vol. 2(Kr1z & F-777) on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp!

2012-02-08 19:19:09 by alextheDJ

F-777's post

The album with my featured remix and other awesome songs by F-777 and Kr1z is out now on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp! If you like it, please show your support and buy it!
It's such a great honor to be on this album! F-777 and Kr1z are insanely talented producers.

Download on iTunes

Download on Bandcamp

Download on Amazon

New song and new name

2011-06-12 18:02:48 by alextheDJ

First of all, I made a new Dubstep remix. So, please CHECK IT OUT!

Also, since alextheDJ is a godawful name, I now go by B4SSfreq. I'm working on changing my name.

New Remix!

2010-12-23 02:58:42 by alextheDJ

Carol Of The Bells remix


2010-06-01 00:00:19 by alextheDJ

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2010-03-16 04:10:41 by alextheDJ

I love MUSE! I just went to a muse concert in nashville! I made a video of the clips I shot of the concert!

My video

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The Future - Trolley Snatcher

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2009-12-11 17:12:07 by alextheDJ

I have a new song out called Mystery! CHECK IT OUT!!!

I made it for a contest on the bbs called The Ng Audio Death Match!
Link: 28246/1


2009-10-16 14:14:20 by alextheDJ

I finished my demo for the Electronic EP! I didn't make the EP so I thought I'd submit the full song.


New picture and header!

2009-09-20 04:56:21 by alextheDJ

I just got finished making some new pics in blender for my userpage to spruce it up! Looks nice eh? :]